Don’t make hasty conclusions

Onuora Onianwa

One morning, I hitched a ride with a middle-aged man to Area One, in Abuja. The ride was pleasant and the man was conversational. I was not in the mood for much talk that morning, but I joined in as a courtesy, especially since he wanted to talk about Nigerian politics. He had a lot to say about the present government. He was of the opinion that the current president was the best man for the job and the best we have had in a long time.

I did not agree with his view and even though that was apparent, it did not ruin the conversation. Thankfully, there are people in this life who understand that we all cannot agree on the same thing all the time. He kept saying Nigerians needed to understand that the President is not responsible for all the things going wrong. He noted that the president cannot see and do it all, as he is only one man, and added that he was surrounded by sycophants and lazy people.

I pointed out that the same could be said of the past president and the one before him, and yet people made sure they constantly stated he was the one in charge of the nation and so the blame was solely his. I have also never been able to understand how a president could handpick some of the people in office today who are failing at their duties and yet not receive a shred of blame for it. Again, the conversation went well despite our different views and I recall him saying that Nigerians (myself included) were just impatient and did not understand that things are not easy to turn around so soon, and how we needed to understand also that the way we see things are not the way they really are.

“There is a cabal at work. They are the ones responsible! We are here jumping to conclusions, blaming Buhari,” he said.

As he slowed down to park his car so I could get out, we passed by a beautiful lady with a wrapper tied firmly around her waist, and which accentuated her curves and hips. She also wore a nice shirt, had slippers on, and looked rather good. As I opened the door to step out, the man hissed so loudly that I thought for a moment I had offended him. Then, he barked, “Look at this useless woman.”

When I asked if he did, he said he did not, but noted that he would never relate with such a ‘loose woman.’ I was still taken aback by all this and asked him for clarification. He said the lady might be a commercial sex worker for her to dress that way, knowing men would stare and lust.

I was in too much of a hurry to have another conversation with him and pointed out the discrepancies in his theory, especially since this same man had just told me not to judge our president and the government as a whole from afar since I was not a part of it. He maintained I was not in a position to know how things were going (when I, at the very least, could see so much going wrong) and who was to blame for what, but he actually thought himself to be in a good place to determine that a woman he had never met before now was a woman of the street.  I was shocked by his conflicting views.

The biggest bombshell came after he drove off and I saw the lady take off the big wrapper to reveal a very lovely skirt and a bank ID clipped to her belt. She stopped by the road, put on a pair of good shoes and entered into a taxi. Your guess is as good as mine.

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from Punch Newspapers
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