Sheriff stops Pro-Makarfi rally in Borno

Kayode Idowu

The Chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Sen. Ali Modu Sheriff on Saturday used his new declared political status to stop a Pro-Makarfi rally in his home state, Borno.

The members of the party who are sympathetic to the factional leader, Senator Ahmed Makarfi, after receiving a police approval, had congregated in their thousands at a popular hotel in Maiduguri, Barwee, to express their support for Makarfi.

However, police, stormed the venue of the meeting with a letter of protest from the Sheriff faction that their assembly was illegal and should not be allowed.

After all persuasion fell on deaf ears, the group dispersed and latter addressed a press conference to show their displeasure at the disruption of their meeting and expressed their support to the Ahmed Makarfi-led faction.


from Punch Newspapers
via ecitynews


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