Which habit would you want your spouse to drop?

Habit, they say, is difficult to drop. Since marriage is a union of two people from different backgrounds, it is expected that they would have different habits. SATURDAY PUNCH asked some people which habits they would love their spouses to drop

She should stop spending money on impulse

Jide Temidayo

I want her to drop the habit of self-appreciation. She should let others do it for her. I also want her to stop buying things on impulse, that is, buying things she did not plan for initially. I want her to only buy needs and not wants. I would love to encourage her to go to the market with a list. I hope she reads this.

He should stop checking my phone

Jackson Eno

I’d be really glad if he can stop going through my phone. He does it a lot; he wants to know who is calling or texting me. I know he is trying to protect his ‘property’ and that is understandable, but I see it as if he is intruding into my privacy and I don’t like it at all.


I want her to stop nagging

Umeh Obinna

One of the habits I want my spouse to drop is nagging. I don’t like when my wife nags. It dehumanises me. When a woman nags, the man would not be able to think straight. He would just be pissed off and in the process, he can make serious mistakes in his career, business and even in the marriage.

I want him to stop smoking

Zainab Gana

I would say smoking. It’s not that he does it often, but he does it anyway. I’d really love him to drop the habit. Though we are both working on it and he knows it’s bad for his health, but I pray he stops it now. I truly love him and I don’t want him to suffer from any smoking-related illnesses in future.


My wife doesn’t forgive easily

Adebowale Mayowa

My spouse has an unforgiving spirit. She doesn’t easily forgive people who offend her. I’ve tried endlessly to let her know it is wrong to keep an embittered heart towards others. She finds it hard to forgive people. If she finally does, she would say, ‘I can forgive, but I cannot forget.’ I would be glad if she could drop the habit.


He lacks savings culture

Theresa Okorie

My partner gives for out money unnecessarily without saving anything for himself or future purposes. I would be the happiest woman on earth if he can drop the habit. He doesn’t see anything wrong with it, but I see a lot of things wrong with it. This is because we both need to save for the rainy day. I don’t want us to struggle financially in the future as a result of this habit.


She nags a lot

Samuel Okoronkwo

The habit I would want my wife to quit is nagging. She sometimes doesn’t even realise that she is nagging. She can say one word a million times and that really gets on my nerves. If I were to behave like some men, I would have left her a long time ago. Men don’t like women who nag. Of course, there are some complaints that make sense. But nagging solves no problem. She should not forget that marriage is a partnership. It takes two to work — two people from diverse backgrounds, but who are ready to be tolerant, learn and make each other a better person.

He talks too much

Akintaju Faith

I would say talking too much. My spouse talks too much and that is the habit I would want my spouse to drop. I don’t like people talking too much; it gives me headache. When one talks too much, at times they would say what they are not supposed to say and such a thing could cause a very big problem. And when one talks too much, they keep on repeating the same thing.  So to me, I would want my spouse to drop talking too much.

She should stop spying on me

Etti Babatunde

My wife spies on me a lot and I hate it. She always assumes that I’m cheating on her and that really drives me crazy. I’d be very glad if she could quit the habit because I’m not cheating on her. I never did and I will never do it because I love her so much.

I want him to stop his carefree attitude

Adelekun Seeke

The habit I would like my spouse to drop is his carefree attitude. If he wants to do something, he does not care what is going to happen; he would still go ahead to do the thing. He does not really care about what is going to happen which I don’t like. Such attitude is very risky.

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