Why we aborted Lagos-Abuja flight – Air Peace

The management of Air Peace has provided details about the development that led its pilots to abort a flight bound for Abuja on Monday morning.

In a statement by its Corporate Communications Manager, Mr. Chris Iwarah, the airline confirmed that the incident, which occured around 11am, was due to “an issue with one of the tyres of the aircraft”.

Air Peace aborts Abuja flight due to tyre loss

It, however, said it wasn’t life-threatening and that the passengers were transferred to another plane and embarked on their journey soon afterwards.

The statement read, “At about 11am today, our Lagos-Abuja flight aborted takeoff at the Murtala Muhammed Airport in Lagos when the pilot-in-command suspected that there was an issue with one of the tyres of the aircraft.

“Passengers on board were transferred to another aircraft to ensure they did not miss their appointments.

“The passengers were all calm, as it was not a life-threatening incident. There was no question of air return as our very experienced flight crew noticed the development much before takeoff. Because of the premium we place on safety, our pilots are under a duty to call for checks when they suspect any fault however basic it may be. That was what happened in this case.

“Although it was initially suspected to be a case of burst tyre, our Engineering Department later inspected the aircraft and confirmed that one of the tyres got deflated. The issue has since been addressed.”

The airline assured its customers that their safety and comfort remained a priority and would remain so.

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Male sex organ responds to ageing in unique ways

There is no arguing the fact that as men age, the quality of sex they can deliver not only reduces, but ageing also affects the shape and general health of the penis.

Yes, penis health is a big deal when old age creeps in because, then, everything becomes new, though not in exactly pleasant way!

A urologist, Brian Steixner, who has worked on men’s down below for decades, provides insights into the progress or, more appropriately, regression, of manhood as old age inevitably creeps in.

• Drooping: Here, your hitherto round and robust scrotum will droop, even when you still manage to get and sustain erection! Don’t worry, though; be happy. It’s only due to the loss of muscle mass.

• Below-par sexual performance: This is clear enough. But urologists have described it as the heart attack of the penis. Good dietary habit, regular exercise and low weight can help a bit. But erectile dysfunction in old age is a part of long life.

• Permanent shrinkage: Once shrinking sets in — and there’s nothing you can do — it’s a continuous trend. The reason is simple, Steixner says. As you age, all your vibrant cells are gradually replaced by non-elastic fibres called collagen, which cause an overall diminished effect. The only way to help yourself is to ensure low body weight, which will give you penis length.

• Bending: Again, you’re helpless about this. Now, your years of sports and sexual activities are taking a toll on your penis, what with the scar tissues that have accumulated along the penis length. Bad news still, as you enter your 60s and 70s, your penis may assume a shape that looks like a question mark. Sorry. But that’s ageing in process!

• You need to screen for prostate cancer every two years if the first test is negative. Talk to you doctor about it.

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CAF: Uproar as NFF boss Pinnick dumps Hayatou for Ahmad

The head of Nigerian football’s governing body is at loggerheads with his executive committee after he endorsed Madagascar’s Ahmad Ahmad to be president of the Confederation of African Football.

The Nigerian Football Federation said it had called a meeting on Tuesday to distance itself from Amaju Pinnick’s position and instead throw its weight behind the incumbent Issa Hayatou.

CAF member countries vote for the new president in Addis Ababa on March 16. Ahmad is challenging Hayatou, who has been CAF boss since 1988.

One senior Nigerian official, who asked not to be identified, said the meeting in the capital, Abuja, was likely to be stormy after Pinnick made his preference known.

“He (Pinnick) has clearly upset the Nigerian football establishment and he will be told that in no uncertain terms at this meeting,” the official added.

Nigeria’s sports minister Solomon Dalung has already said Pinnick’s position was not that of the NFF, as have senior Nigerian football officials already holding CAF portfolios.

Amos Adamu, Dominic Oneya, Sani Lulu and Aminu Maigari — who have all been NFF president — at the weekend gave their backing to Hayatou in a public statement.

Pinnick as an individual could support anyone he wanted, they said, but added there was “no evidence where Mr Pinnick was mandated to commit this country to supporting Mr Ahmad”.

“No Nigerian member of CAF has been consulted nor informed out of courtesy about the ambitions of the NFF President,” they added.

“We do not remember Mr Ahmad visiting Nigeria to solicit or canvass for votes nor do we have any record of Mr Ahmad’s pedigree in the running of football in Africa that would have led Mr Pinnick to dangerously throw all of Nigeria’s eggs in his basket.

“We stand dangerously threatened.”

The Nigerian CAF officials instead said there was every reason to continue to support Hayatou, calling him “a pillar of support” and a “true friend of Nigerian football”.


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Akeredolu didn’t remove council chairmen – Lawyer

Peter Dada, Akure

There was a mild drama at the Court of Appeal, sitting in Akure, the Ondo State capital on Monday, as the counsel for the Ondo State, governor, Mr. Rotimi Akeredolu, Mr. Charles Titiloye said his client was unaware of any suit on the dissolution of the 18 local government administration in the state.

The governor had purportedly appealed a judgment delivered by Justice Olasehinde Kumuyi (retd) of the state High Court in January 2017, restraining him from removing the council bosses from office.

But Titiloye told the appellate court that Akeredolu, (his client), was embarrassed to read the reports of his suit to dissolve local government administration in the newspapers.

He said, the governor was not aware of both the order of the High Court restraining him from dissolving the councils or of the appeal supposedly filed by him.

Titiloye of the state’s Ministry of Justice, who noted that the state’s Solicitor-General, Mr. Akin-Ladapo Ogunleye, was in court to demonstrate how concerned the governor was over the suit.

Ogunleye, who was in the court rose up to confirm his (governor) presence, while the 18 local government chairmen and councilors were represented by their counsel, Mr. Olusola Oke.

The governor’s legal team, however, pleaded for adjournment to enable their client study the matter very well.

The presiding judge, Justice Uzo Ndukwe Anyanwu, adjourned the matter to June 7, 2017, for hearing.

Akeredolu, according to a hearing notice served on Oke by the state’s Ministry of Justice, had appealed a judgment of the state’s High Court headed by the former Chief Judge of the state, Justice Olasehinde which barred the governor from sacking the council officials elected on the platform of the opposition Peoples Democratic Party in April 2016.

The chairman and councilors averred that in line with the 1999 Constitution (as amended), they were elected to serve for a three-year tenure, which would expire on April 25, 2019.

In granting their prayers, Justice Kumuyi observed that the “tenure of an elected councilor or office holder cannot be abridged or determined at the whims or caprices of anyone one except the electorate.”

The judge restrained the state government from dissolving, sacking, dethroning, impeaching or however, removing the claimants from their respective positions, offices, duties, functions, powers and rights.

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‘Our daily bread’ has hidden climate costs


Nearly half the environmental impact of a loaf of bread comes from the “unsustainable use” of fertilisers on wheat crops, researchers said Monday.

Synthetic fertilisers boost yields, but they contain or generate chemicals — ammonia, nitrates, methane and carbon dioxide, among others — that drive global warming, they reported in the journal Nature Plants.

“This arises from the large amount of energy needed to make the fertiliser, and from nitrous oxide gas released when it is degraded in the soil,” said lead author Liam Goucher, a scientist at the University of Sheffield in England.

Nitrate-rich runoff from industrial-scale agriculture also damages lakes, rivers and coastal waters around the world, in some cases creating so-called “dead zones”.

The study highlights a double challenge in the decades ahead: how to grow enough food to feed the world’s population — set to increase to 11 billion from seven billion — in a way that does not poison the planet.

“A key part of this challenge is resolving the major conflict embedded in an agri-food system whose primary purpose is to make money, not to provide sustainable global food security,” the study said.

Food production and consumption are responsible for about one-third of total greenhouse gas emissions.

Cereals such as corn, rice and wheat — usually grown with huge amounts of chemical fertiliser — account for half of the calories consumed by humanity.

– A ‘massive problem’ –

To better assess the environmental cost of wheat production, researchers led by Goucher broke down the supply chain of a typical 800-gram (28-ounce) loaf of bread from “seed to feed”.

In 2016, Europeans consumed, on average, about 63 kilos of bread per person, while Americans eat about half that amount.

They found that ammonium nitrate fertiliser contributes 43 percent of the greenhouse gas emissions in a loaf’s life cycle, a level they described as “unsustainable.”

In agriculture, more than 100 million tonnes of chemical fertiliser is used globally every year, applied to about 60 percent of all agricultural crops.

“This is a massive problem,” said the study’s senior author, Peter Horton, chief research advisor to the Grantham Centre for Sustainable Futures.

“But environmental impact is not costed within the system, so there are currently no real incentives to reduce our reliance on fertiliser.”

How to achieve sustainable global food security is not only a technical question but a political and economic one, the researchers added, arguing that both producers and consumers have important roles to play.

“The consumer is key,” said co-author Lenny Koh, head of the Advanced Resource Efficiency Centre at Sheffield.

People who want their daily bread can either be “persuaded to pay more for a greener product, or they can apply pressure” for a change in policy, she added.


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Rivers rerun: Army hands 37 election offenders to police

Police Command on Monday said it received 35 suspected election offenders from the Nigeria Army.

The Command’s spokesman, DSP Nnamdi Omoni, in a telephone interview in Port Harcourt said the army had made the arrest on Saturday during the Etche/Omuma federal constituency and Etche state constituency elections.

Omoni said that the suspects were handed over to the command on Sunday night and was still awaiting more to be handed over.

He said the suspects were being interrogated and would be arraigned in court after the remaining ones had been handed over to police and interrogated.


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Diseases that mess up your sex life

Diseases are unsparing in the ways they ravage the human body. The bad thing about diseases is that they don’t just affect one organ of the body! Rather, the majority of debilitating diseases that afflict human also affect the sex life!

What are these diseases that mess up your sex life, in addition to making you miserable? These ones…

Cardiovascular diseases

These include heart failure, build-up of plaque in the arteries (atherosclerosis), cardiac arrest, etc. Urology Specialist, Dr. Enis Rauf, explains that for the male and female sex organs to function optimally, blood must reach them unhindered.

“The blood that comes and goes to the penis, and then trapped in there to achieve an erection, only works properly in men with a normally functioning cardiovascular system. When this system does not work properly, problems also occur in erections,” Rauf warns.

He adds that when people in a certain group complain of erection problems, if doctors can handle the problem sensibly, they can catch a cardiovascular disease in its early stage.

“Since the diameter of the main artery going to the penis is smaller than the heart arteries, any obstructions in these areas become evident very early on,” Rauf warns.


Diabetes happens to be one of the most devastating diseases that anyone can have.

According to diabetologist/Medical Director of Rainbow Specialist Hospital, Isiavwe Afokoghene, if not put under control through appropriate medications and sound lifestyle habit, diabetes complications can wreak untold havoc on all organs of the body such as the eyes, nerves, kidneys, and the heart; and it may eventually kill.

For men living with diabetes, low libido or low sex desire is a constant companion. This is mainly because of their high blood glucose levels.

Worse still, scientists warn, even when a diabetic man is able to have sex, he may be unable to reach orgasm!

“High sugar levels in men with diabetes can affect the function of the nerves in the penis, leading to erectile function,” physicians warn.

Indeed, a study published in the peer-reviewed journal, Diabetes Care, reveals that, for people who already have diabetes, sexual problems can indicate nerve damage, blocked arteries, and hormones that are functioning in haphazard manner.

The scientists say one of the main sexual problems men with diabetes face is the inability to have an erection, as damage to the vascular system can impair blood flow.
“If the blood vessels aren’t functioning properly or if an artery is blocked, not enough blood will travel to the penis, making it difficult to get an erection,” they warn.

Psychological, psychiatric and neurological diseases

Problems such as psychosis, intense stress and depression don’t only cause erectile dysfunction, they also cause lack of libido and ejaculation disorders.

Rauf says that performance anxiety is also an important psychogenic problem (having a psychological origin or cause rather than a physical one) that causes excessive nervousness and erection problems in men.

Neurological diseases such as Parkinson’s, Multiple Sclerosis and epilepsy can affect many functions of the body, including erection, with the damage they cause in the brain and peripheral nerves.

Also, the head and spine trauma that is suffered particularly in traffic accidents cause many problems including sexual dysfunction.

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Arsenal legend to join Wolfsburg

Arsenal youth academy boss Andries Jonker was on Monday named head coach at struggling Bundesliga club VfL Wolfsburg and revealed that ex-Gunners star Freddie Ljungberg will be his assistant.

This is the first time Jonker has been appointed head coach at a top club after previous stints on the staff at Bayern Munich, Wolfsburg and Arsenal’s academy, where he was working with the Swede Ljungberg, 39.

“I’m bringing Freddie Ljungberg as my assistant coach and I’m looking forward to the job,” said Jonker in his first press conference.

This will be Ljungberg’s first senior coaching role. The ex-midfielder is regarded as a legend at Arsenal having scored 71 goals in 318 games for the Gunners, where he had been coaching a junior team since last July.

Jonker has a contract until June 2018 and replaces Valerien Ismael, who left on Sunday after Wolfsburg’s 2-1 defeat at home to Werder Bremen.


The Dutchman is Wolfsburg’s third coach this season, after they also sacked Dieter Hecking in October.

Friday’s loss left the 2015 German Cup winners just two points from the relegation spots after only six wins from 22 league games.

“We need to solve a small problem here,” said Jonker, eyeing up the relegation battle at the 2009 German champions.

He says his priority is to find out why Wolfsburg have lost five of their last six matches in all competitions despite spending 33 million euros ($35m) on new players in January.

His task has not been made easier by Wolfsburg’s director of sport Olaf Rebbe setting a target of 40 Bundesliga points — meaning six wins from their final 12 league games.

“Andries Jonker knows VfL Wolfsburg and has kept regular contact with the club since his move to London,” said Rebbe.

“Both of these factors were decisive in being able to realise this top solution in a short period of time.

“He is a coach with international experience and a proven tactician who brings with him the best conditions to help get VfL quickly and sustainably back on the path to success.”

The 54-year-old Jonker has plenty of experience of German league football.

He was Louis van Gaal’s assistant at Bayern from 2009 until April 2011 when he stepped up as caretaker coach until the end of the season after van Gaal was sacked.

Jonker then had a stint as Wolfsburg’s assistant coach from 2012 to 2014 when he left to become the head of Arsenal’s academy.

Wolfsburg finished second to Bayern Munich in 2014/15 and were eighth last season, but their fall from grace has been dramatic this campaign.

Record-signing Julian Draxler was sold to Paris Saint Germain in January after repeatedly saying he wanted to leave.

Ismael was the eighth German league coach sacked this season.


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UNIOSUN threatens to expel 4,410 students over N2bn debt

Femi Makinde, Osogbo

The management of the Osun State University has said 4,410 students of the institution may lose their studentship for owing the fees running to over N2bn.

The university, in a statement made available to our correspondent in Osogbo on Monday by its Corporate Affairs Unit, said it was sad that over 4000 students had yet to pay their fees just two days before the deadline.

The university said it observed that many of the students, who were owing school fees of between two and 11 semesters had collected the money from their parents and guardians but had either “invested” the money in the failed MMM scheme or diverted same to other purposes.

The university, however, stated that students who could not meet up with the deadline and, who did not want their studentship terminated might apply in writing to the school authorities to grant them leave of absence for the current semester with a sworn affidavit, pledging to make payment before resumption from the leave of absence.

The statement read, ” Over 4000 students of Osun State University may lose their studentship for failing to pay their school fees before the expiration of February 28, 2017, deadline set by the university management.

“No fewer than 400 parents/guardians of the defaulting students have called the University help lines to report that they had long given money to their children/wards.

“The university Senate at its meeting of January 26, 2017, after observing that a large number of students had refused to turn up in spite of ceaseless appeals, decided that the students’ portal be reopened longer into the 12th week of resumption against the four weeks stipulated in the University regulations.

“The decision of the University Senate, which was adequately communicated to all the students on February 2, 2017, was to afford more students the opportunity to pay their fees with effect from 17th to 24th February 2017, a date which was later extended until February 28, 2017.

“On 16 February 2017, some students embarked on a protest against the enforcement of extant rules and regulations regarding fee payment and registration. Investigations show that over 90 percent of the protesters had not registered for between two and 11 semesters, and were thus using the stipulated late registration penalty of N10, 000 as a smokescreen for their years of defaulting in fee payment and registration.”

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Akeredolu vows not to collect salary until workers are paid

Peter Dada, Akure.

The Ondo State Governor, Mr Rotimi Akeredolu has vowed that he would not collect any salary until the issue of the state workers salaries ‎were resolved.

He appealed to the doctors and nurses who are currently on strike to end their industrial action and embrace dialogue with his government.

Akeredolu stated this in Akure, Ondo state capital while formally meeting with the workers in the state civil service on Monday.

In his maiden address to the workers, the new governor said all issues relating to payment of salaries of the workers would top the agenda of his administration.

He disclosed that a committee would be set up by the government to address how the backlog of salaries would be paid and how to move the state forward.

He said, ” I am aware of your pains and agony. I feel your pains and what you are going through, and I can see your sufferings, that you are still able to put up these smiles as I can see everybody here without seven months salaries, I am surprised. No doubt, a labourer deserves his wages.

“A committee will soon be set up to address this salary issue, we are set to move forward and at the end of the day, we will all win. Let us join our hands to work together for the development of this state and I can assure you that with God on our side, we shall scale all obstacles to make Ondo great.”

The governor urged the people of the state to be patient with his government and sustain the peace in the state saying “any act of thuggery will not find a place in this state ”

“All I need from the civil servants in the state is dedication. I want dedicated workers, you are the engine room of any government, with you, we can make Ondo state a better place. What I need is workers who are ready to work with me to move the state forward and I want you all to be prepared to work with me ” he appealed.

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